Transformational Leadership Traits and Job Satisfaction Among U.S. Technology Professionals: An Exploratory Qualitative Examination

Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Committee Chair

Tracy Greene

Committee Member

Bora Pajo

Committee Member

Tim Reymann


Leadership styles and traits are well-researched across multiple industries and countries. Still, limited studies exist on the impact of these behaviors on job satisfaction and, ultimately, on organizational culture for technology professionals. Leaders within technical disciplines have generally been promoted through the ranks, possessing vast specialized knowledge but seemingly lacking transformational leadership skills and awareness of organizational culture. Job satisfaction is a culmination of leadership skills and external influences. The critical drivers for creating and sustaining cultural norms are behaviors, systems, and symbols. How these drivers are developed and passed down to employees can impact job satisfaction, engagement, and organizational commitment. This qualitative study will explore the divergence between what is currently understood and what is still largely unknown about transformational leadership traits, organizational culture, and job satisfaction among technology professionals in the United States. The research question to be answered is: RQ: What transformational leadership traits enhance U.S. technology professionals' job satisfaction? In addition, interviews with current technology professionals will allow participants to share their occupational experiences and opinions on leadership and organizational culture. This research will fill a gap in the literature regarding leadership behaviors, organizational culture experiences, and job satisfaction among U.S. technology professionals.