Attitudes and Perceptions of Executive Leadership on Employee Engagement


Franklin University Dissertation Excellence Award - Nominee (Spring 2023)

Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Degree Name

Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA)

Committee Chair

Bora Pajo

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Mary Bynum

Committee Member

Alyncia Bowen


Employee engagement seems to be at the core of employee productivity and organizational success. Healthcare organizations that lack employee engagement often experience adverse impacts on employee satisfaction and organizational outcomes. This dissertation was an exploration of how executive leadership drives employee engagement in a managed care organization. Semi-structured, qualitative interviews were conducted with 26 executive leaders within a population of 250 executive leadership staff employed at a large managed care organization within the United States. The study examines employee engagement from an executive leadership perspective to understand how their attitudes may influence employee engagement. Findings revealed key insights regarding leaders’ perceptions of employee engagement.