Soft Skill Communication in The Pursuit of Partnerships:

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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Alyncia Bowen

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Beverly Smith

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Bora Pajo


Partnership between employers and employees is the ultimate goal for leadership because of the positive outcomes that such a partnership generates. The purpose of this study was to determine how leaders and followers communicate with soft skills to encourage partnerships in organizations. The leader-member exchange theory describes positive outcomes from positive relationships between the leader and follower. However, the leader-member exchange theory describes the consequences of the partnership only. This research adds a prescription to how partnerships are formed through communication by interviewing leaders and followers in various organizations. The study includes an examination of how soft skills used by leaders influence and impact partnerships. Through interviewing 17 leaders and followers from four different organizations, the failure to use soft skills with communication is also described. Therefore, in this study, the ways in which leaders and followers are using soft skills when they communicate was explored. The findings of this study might assist the promotion of partnerships in organizations. Comparative studies of how leaders versus followers communicate for partnership are suggested for future research.