Psychological Capital and Contentment; Is there correlation?

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Date of Award

Summer 2021

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Committee Chair

Michelle Geiman

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Brenda Jones

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Tim Reymann


Organizations continue to strive for quality by looking for ways to retain and attract top talent. Shifting an organization's focus from production to human capital can be done, when the emphasis is placed on leadership and follower development (Wu, et al., 2018). This quantitative study examines the possible role of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and the relationship with follower contentment in a stratified sample of government contractors that operate in the administrative, non-clinical healthcare sector (N = 200) from the United States. The Psychological Capital Questionnaire (PCQ) is used to measure psychological capital (hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism). This is a non-experimental, correlational study. It is proposed that contentment levels may be correlated with increased PsyCap scores. There is no further segregation regarding age, gender, or marital status. The sample consists only of government contractors. Implications of the study, and suggestions for further research were discussed.