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This was a new project I created for my Computer Science Practicum III capstone course (COMP 495) in the Summer 2013 semester. The project conception came from the following processes: 1. I copied all assignments from the course grade book and manually put them into my Google Task list. 2. I created an Excel spreadsheet that computed my personal statistics for the course and point goals needed to achieve a specific grade level. I directed my team in using the following final approach: a Chrome extension to parse the grade book web page, insert a task for each assignment into the user’s Google Task list and create a course file on Google Drive. The course file is read from an Android device and provides the statistical and achievement calculations. The final application was deployed to the Chrome and Play stores as an invite-only closed beta. The process reduced approximately twenty minutes of work down to around thirty seconds. When made public, this system will assistant other Franklin University students by: having tasks created for every assignment in a course and by having detailed information about their courses on an Android device.

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