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The first course in the Instructional Design and Performance Technology Program at Franklin University is IDPT600 – Principles of Learning Theory. This program began two years ago using a cohort format. The first course ran several times during 2011 and 2012. The original design served us well but, as the rest of the program was being completed, we realized that we had several opportunities to improve IDPT600. In addition, feedback from faculty and students provided the impetus to redesign the course and make the learning opportunities for our students even more robust. This poster presentation describes the unique team process used to revise IDPT600. We also describe the course content and show how it better prepares our students for graduate studies and professional growth, aligns with industry standards, and features real world application.

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International Institute for Innovative Instruction


Instructional Media Design

Using a Team Approach to Redesign the First Course in a Master’s LevelInstructional Design and Performance Improvement Program