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In the process of onboarding new adjuncts, the researchers wanted a way to create more integrated, social interactions between students and instructors. We initially decided to use a secret Facebook group for a single class, but as we read the research available and discussed our project, we decided to create a closed, Facebook group for the entire Criminal Justice Administration program – including students, alumni, faculty, advisory board members, and industry experts. Non-class materials will be posted on this site, questions will be posed, current events and videos will be posted, and criminal justice alumni, advisory board members, and adjunct faculty will be available to answer questions and provide expertise and advice. Additional experts in the field will provide career advice and answer questions, as well. This will all be done in a safe and nonjudgmental environment that will allow for free flowing dialogue not otherwise available in our highly structured online courses.

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Facebook Pilot Program:Does Social Media Enhance LearningOutcomes & Communities?