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Health care executives face a multitude of challenges and changes on a daily basis. Health care reform and the Accountable Care Act will require executives to increase the value of the services offered by hospitals to insurance companies and patients. The literature search identified 11 key variables executives consider when altering services. The research study conducted a quantitative survey of the entire population of top health care executives in Ohio non-profit short-term acute care hospitals. In addition, qualitative individual depth interviews of 48 top executives at 13 hospitals were conducted by the researcher. A mixed methods approach was utilized to analyze the data from the survey and interviews.

The research study determined that there was a statistically significant difference in the level of importance of the key variables considered by executives when altering services between hospital classifications, specifically between rural designated critical access and rural non-critical access hospitals. The qualitative interviews were consistent with the quantitative results with the one exception being the level of importance placed on the key variables when altering services at urban hospitals as compared to rural designated critical access hospitals.

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The Key Variables Healthcare Executives Consider when Altering Services