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This poster presentation will frame the primary research arenas for undergraduate study within the realm of continuing and emerging human and environmental struggles that occur broadly and locally in our 21st century globalized world. The research underscores the interdependence of human societies and the development of a sense of self and appreciation of cultural diversity, an affirmation of equality and justice, and an awareness of the absolute necessity of universal human rights as a foundation for the sustainability of our planet and world understanding.

Through the investigative lens of one country, each student studies the forces of economic, financial, cultural, political, and environmental globalization. The student examines and reflects on these issues from local and globe vantage points. The student explores governmental influences, cultural ‘expectation,’ world trade issues, overpopulation, the globalization of crime and disease, climate change, as well as conducting in-depth study of current cultural and political upheavals. Students then are guided in discussions based on these issues and encouraged to consider and advance possible solutions. An example of student research, accompanied by possible solutions, will be presented to provide a context in which the importance of studying global issues can be enunciated and established.

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An Exploration of Human Sustainability: Guiding Undergraduates onto a Path of Responsive World Citizenship Through the Study of Global Issues