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Colleges and universities are challenged to move the needle on student retention and success, especially in online programs. Student success coaching is effective when working in collaboration with professors, support staff and tutors to ensure that students who are potentially at risk can succeed. Success coaches would follow academic alerts issued by instructors at the onset of an at risk student. At risk conditions include missing or low grades on assignments, lack of participation in class, and attendance alerts. Success coaches do not cause a hardship or disturb the classroom environment but can serve as a resource to students who are in danger of academic warnings, suspensions and dismissals. Once an instructor submits an academic alert on a student who is not responsive or in danger of failing, the success coach works to reach the student by phone to assess what their unique needs are and can link students to services such as tutoring and/or help them work out a study schedule to get back on track. The success coach model is reactive to academic alerts but proactive to reducing academic probations and suspensions. If a student is too far behind in their class, the success coach would be able to assess if the student needs to continue on or withdraw from the class. The success coach model will work best when done in unison with participating faculty. Retention and student success is everybody’s business!

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Retention and Student Success: It's Everybody's Business