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We often associate the events of 9/11 with terrorism in the United States. However, the U.S., in the homeland and abroad have long been the victims of domestic and international terrorism. Prior to 9/11, terrorism was not a part of our daily vocabulary or part of our daily news. Children born today will more than likely not know a life or vocabulary with social media and terrorism. Social media and terrorism? Through the use of social media terrorist groups such as ISIS have taken on a campaign of subversion to elicit interest from vulnerable populations, most commonly teenagers in a worldwide recruitment campaign. Recent breaking news reports often highlight stories of the progress of ISIS on the battlefield, their impact on the economy, their impact on homeland security, in addition to stories of misguided U.S. and foreign youth traveling abroad to join the plight of ISIS. This research discusses the terrorism abroad and in the U.S., drawing attention to how safe are our teenagers and how safe are we as a nation.

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Terrorism Studies

Terrorism Abroad, Terrorism at Home: How Serious is the U.S. Domestic Threat