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Over the past few decades, higher education has become an important factor in advancing organizations, as well as individuals advancing within their organization. There are many staple programs in higher education such as business administration, management and organizational behavior. These standardized programs have often been used by public servants to advance their careers. Public servants such as law enforcement officers and firefighters receive a more beneficial education attaining degrees designed specifically for their disciplines. Law enforcement personnel commonly use the criminal justice degree to advance their careers and Firefighters often use the Fire and Emergency Services degree to advance their careers. However, as a new career field and discipline, those working in Emergency Management and Homeland Security have not been afforded a standardized curriculum model to ensure those entering these career fields are entering the career field with the same knowledge. This research discusses the need for standardization of education Emergency Management and Homeland Security professionals.

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Curriculum and Instruction | Defense and Security Studies | Emergency and Disaster Management

Emergency Management & Homeland Security in Higher Education: The Critical Need for Standardized Curriculum