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Millennial students are those who were born between years 1982 - 2003 and thus started to enter college after year 2000. Howe and Stress (2000) contend that millennial students have different attitudes and behaviors than the previous generations, such as baby boomers and Generation X. They are also referred to as Generation Y, Nexters, Digital Natives, and Generation Me. Millennial students are (1) conventionally motivated and respectful; (2) structured rule followers; (3) protected and sheltered; (4) cooperative and team-oriented; (5) confident and optimistic about their futures; (6) talented achievers (Strange, 2004). To meet their learning styles and needs, we need to realign our instructional strategies to engage the millenials and create a more effective and meaningful learning experience for them. In addition, they grew up with technologies and very technology savvy. Therefore, how to choose appropriate technologies to address their learning needs becomes prominent for higher education instructors. This presentation will review the characteristics, learning styles, and learning needs of millennial students, recommend proper technologies, and demonstrate the applications of those technology tools. This presentation will be especially beneficial for the audience who are interested in a deeper understanding of teaching millennial students.

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Instructional Media Design

Choosing Appropriate Technologies to Engage Millennial Students