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Introduction and Background: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.—William Butler Yeats.

A growing body of research has made it clear that the overall quality of teaching and learning is improved when students have opportunities to question, clarify, and apply new knowledge. No longer can faculty use a lecture-only technique to impart information. Therefore, when faculty create opportunities for our learners to engage new material and use active learning techniques they help “light the fire” of learning.

Response: This poster presentation provides 10 tips to Franklin University faculty to increase student engagement in the classroom:

  1. Share goals
  2. Show relevance
  3. Encourage community
  4. Use visuals
  5. Focus on learners
  6. Connect with learners
  7. Laugh with learners
  8. Busy hands, busy brains
  9. Up and at ‘em!
  10. Plan activities

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

10 Tips to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom