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Are students learning? It is a fundamental questions that all colleges and universities have to address. This poster will provide an overview of the comprehensive assessment system that Franklin has built for more than a decade. This system is built upon cascading structure of outcomes, from the program level down to the course, module and assignment levels. Each academic program has mapped its outcomes with courses and uses a variety of direct methods to measure learning, such as exams, rubric-based projects and portfolios. To help inform decision making, results from direct methods are coupled with indirect methods that help to provide understanding of learning processes. Commonly used indirect methods include surveys, as well as instructor and learner analytics data, which are becoming available as technology advances. Findings from both direct and indirect assessment and improvement plans are systematically documented through the annual assessment report, which are integrated in periodic program reviews.

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International Institute for Innovative Instruction


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

Assessment for Learning: A Systematic Approach