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The Diversity Dimensions Committee began in 2010 as an initiative from Human Resources leadership. A diversity group was needed on campus to serve the Franklin University community. Research was completed and a small group of Human Resources staff members were charged with working on educational and awareness events.

Sarah Gepper now coordinates this group that has expanded to include interested employees from a cross-section of departments, interests, and backgrounds. The committee now boasts 15 members who meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm events that will benefit and enrich a University community, and thereby fulfilling the charter of the committee: The Diversity Dimensions Committee is focused on fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusion through diversity education and awareness activities.

Committee Mission: The mission of the Diversity Dimensions Committee will mirror the University’ statement on Diversity, which is as follows: Franklin is committed to enriching lives by fostering a culture which values and embraces diversity. The University affirms the individuality of each member of its faculty and staff and promotes a community of collaboration and inclusion. It is through the celebration of differences and respect for others that a sense of shared values emerges.

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Diversity Dimensions Committee: A Historical Review