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As we make our way to the polls during election season, we take several approaches: we have our mind made up on who we want to lead; we vote for the same party in all categories; or we are not sure about the candidates, but we vote safely. Our hopes are that we have collectively selected the candidate(s) that will lead us, advancing our best interests ethically. Most candidates are everyday people, cut from the same cloth as the constituents. As they campaign for our votes, there is no doubt that there goal in attaining office is to be a leader of and for the people. Public servants do not seek office to become wealthy. However, in the past several decades, we have seen our elected officials become more celebrity than politician. Celebrity and fame are often associated with fortune. This research explores the downfall of political figures consumed by greed and the fallout effects of their corruption.

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American Politics | Public Administration

Elected to Lead, Betrayed by Greed: The Hoodwinking of Constituents