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The crime of Burglary affects all socioeconomic levels in every community. The experts who are best situated to educate the community on burglary are actual felonious burglars. To help the community prevent burglary before it occurs the Columbus Police Property Crimes Bureau—Burglary Unit joined with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to create an education video featuring career burglars in prison who provided prevention tips. In 2014, two Columbus Police Officers; one a seasoned Community Liaison Officer and the other a seasoned Burglary Detective, interviewed three burglars in two different Ohio Prisons; Chillicothe Correctional Institution and Marion Correctional Institution. The video will be edited and placed on YouTube for the community; both in Ohio and outside so that this new tool can reach as many communities as possible. Long-term decreases in burglaries could be difficult to measure. Nonetheless, it is these types of innovative and cross-agency partnerships that many experts have encouraged in order to increase broad-based best practices toward lower crime rates and healthier communities. The primary results have been the recognition by the media both print and news in this on-going project. Subsequent results will be evaluated on the number views on YouTube.

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Burglars on Burglary: Tips from the Big House to Your House