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The Franklin County Adult Probation Department was created in 1945 and was located 401 South High St. in downtown Columbus. The first chief was Joseph H. Palmer and he grossed $4500 a year. The mission of the Franklin County Adult Probation Department is to assist in the protection of the community by safely and effectively supervising probationers and pre-trial reporters at the most appropriate level to affect habilitation and rehabilitation. This is a collaborative department that works together to ensure quality of services. Community Corrections Act of the state of Ohio (1979): In Ohio, community-based alternatives to prison were established in HB 1000, also known as the Community Corrections Act (CCA).

Current Chief Probation Officer is Gayle Dittmer and has been so since 2008. The Chief probation officer oversees management and administration of both the juvenile and adult probation departments. There are currently 24 basic level probation officers and 16 intense level supervision officers in the adult probation department. Average caseload for basic level officers is 163 and for intense supervision officers is 50. There are currently 1.059 probationers on minimum security probation, 2,410 on medium level probation and 4,463 on maximum level supervision.

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Franklin County Adult Probation Department