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The healthcare system of OhioHealth has a reputation for providing quality care. As with any healthcare system, there are some populations who are underserved. There are several changes OhioHealth can make to enlarge its customer base. Some of the techniques OhioHealth can use involve increasing its scope of practice in these areas: complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), long-term care, men’s bone health, and social media. The need for long-term care will continue to increase as the population ages. OhioHealth can merge with a long-term care company to provide OhioHealth with the facilities. This strategy is more likely to be successful because it would provide the needed expertise to operate the long-term care facilities. There are also opportunities in CAM, which is relatively inexpensive and therefore would not be a tremendous risk. OhioHealth can integrate these services through horizontal integration, where the competitors will be acquired by or become affiliated with OhioHealth. The bone health care program can be expanded by offering more services friendly to men. There are simple solutions, including having clinics that are aesthetically pleasing by using blue colors, and the hiring of more male bone health specialists.

OhioHealth should also be sure to improve access to those with cultural or physical problems. There are opportunities through new technology to reach the increasing Hispanic population of Columbus. This can be accomplished by the use of social media that translates between patients and healthcare workers. A patient may also be inconvenienced from physically being at a clinic or hospital. There are opportunities to reduce these unnecessary patient visits. When a patient has a concern about visible ailments, the patient can show these to a physician through social media. The organization can be on the cutting edge in the use of making it possible to receive medical evaluations through social media, which will reduce costs and save time.

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