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The OhioHealth health system is a network of not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations in central Ohio. The growing system is expanding regionally, which leads to a variety of challenges. The major challenges faced by the organization relate to the overall size of the organization, competitive market, external environmental factors such as healthcare reform, and physician alignment. The organization pursues a cost leadership strategy and while still offering state of the art equipment and facilities.

OhioHealth’s central operating location is Franklin County, Ohio. They compete against two major healthcare providers, The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and Mount Carmel. To build their brand and increase awareness, OhioHealth launched their “Believe in We” marketing campaign in 2011. Like other providers, OhioHealth is faced with a difficult regulatory and legislative environment. They are also focused on improving outcomes for patients through a patient-centered approach.

The main operational challenge at OhioHealth is being addressed by the implementation of a new system called Aligning Process Excellence with Systemness (APExS). This tool is used to streamline processes and reduce costs to improve the patient experience. They are also in the process of rolling out a new electronic medical records system to improve patient outcomes and increase productivity. OhioHealth is also identifying ways to combat the shortage of physicians in the area by building a high performance workplace and recruiting talented physicians and staff. Finally, the organization faces financial challenges as they acquire new physicians, staff, and facilities in an effort to maintain and grow their market share. OhioHealth is well positioned to meet these challenges and continue to meet the needs of their patients.

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OhioHealth: A System Overview