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Question: How does Rap music affect the perception of African American culture from other races pertaining to negative lyrics and images that rappers and their music sometimes portray, and the increased availability of images on social media? Fieldwork: The Billboard charts and lyrics of the most popular songs were studied to draw conclusions and recommendations. Research findings illustrated that every song studied and used for purposes of such discourse included references to oversexualization of women, promoted drug use (selling and abusing), prophesizing the need for money and material possessions, and other profanities. Conclusion: There is a need for education, calls to action, and increased opportunities and execution of positive imagery for African American Millennials. The main recommendation pertains to a social media campaign that creates an increase of positive imagery in the black community, driven by celebrities/rap artists.

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African American Studies

Addressing Rap Music and Social Media's Impact on African American Cultural Perceptions



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