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Many organizations spend a lot of money to provide training courses or programs to improve their performance in today's competitive environment. Therefore, evaluation plays a critical role in making judgments about the value or worth of a course or a program that provides solutions for improving the performance of programs and organizations. However, most organizations do not actually conduct effective evaluations of their training programs due to lack of professional knowledge and skills in training evaluation as well as lack of evaluation resources and instructions. This poster is to introduce fundamental theories and models for summative evaluation and provide practical guidelines for conducting an evaluation in an appropriate way. More specifically, this poster 1) explores major evaluation models and theories emerged in organizations, 2) identify major evaluation tasks and activities required in each major phase of an evaluation process, and 3) describes appropriate techniques and tools that are derived from evaluation theories and models to complete each evaluation task and activity. This poster is designed to inform college faculty who teach an introductory level evaluation course or performance professionals who want a solid conceptual grounding in evaluation and a guide for applying such concepts in their own work.

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Training and Development

Evaluation Principles and Implentation for Performance Improvement



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