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Accenture, through its Corporate Citizenship Program, provided consulting services to Alvis, a nonprofit agency whose programs include workforce development services for individuals with criminal justice involvement. Employment is important for justice-involved individuals, yet they face a variety of barriers, such as the stigma of having a record, low levels of education and skills achievement, lack of transportation, time out of the workforce, etc. This project's purpose was to develop a demand-led skilling and employment plan to provide more opportunities to Alvis' 7,000+ annual clients by strengthening and enhancing Alvis' workforce development services. The project was a good match for the partners, as the Alvis Workforce Development Program is aligned with Accenture's Skills to Succeed Program.

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations

Accenture and AIvis Partner to Strategically Meet Workforce Development Needs of Both Markets/Industries and Hard to Employ Individuals



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