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Recent advances in the brain sciences have opened a window of opportunity for organizational leadership. For example, neuroscientists have determined that the prefrontal cortex of the brain is closely associated with the highest orders of human functioning such as planning, decision-making, control of attention and self-monitoring. This area of grey matter has also become a vivid metaphor for the primary executive or leadership role in business, the Chief Executive Officer or CEO. The burgeoning discipline of Neuroleadership attempts to apply the findings of relevant brain research to the field of leadership studies. A primary educational challenge is how to best translate the rapidly expanding neuroscience research findings into form and substance that can improve the performance of live human leaders in complex organizational settings. The Managerial Psychology course in Franklin University’s MS in Business Psychology program explores the new Neuroleadership field and offers its students insights, tools, and techniques for immediate application.

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The Brain as CEO: Teaching Neuroleadership



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