Improving Consumer Confidence in Banking Post Bank Crisis: The Perspective of the Ghanaian Bank Customer

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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Charles Saunders

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Andy Igonor

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Eboni Hill


The purpose of the study was to explore the effects of the Ghanaian banking crisis on the customers. The study identified and uncovered what the perspective of the affected customers were and what they thought the banks should focus on to help restore and improve the lost confidence in the Ghanaian banking industry. A general qualitative research design was selected because it was suitable for gaining an in-depth view of customers' experiences and their perspective of the Ghanaian banking landscape. Data was collected using open-ended semi-structured interview questions. Data collection gathered responses from 20 banking customers spread across Accra and Kumasi: ten from Accra and the remaining ten from Kumasi selected using convenience and snowball sampling methods from the population of the affected customers of some of the failed banks in Ghana. The data collected information on customers' banking experiences during the crisis, fluctuation of their confidence in the banking system and ideas on how they thought banking confidence could be restored and improved in Ghana. The study found that confidence had declined significantly during and after the bank crisis and the perspective of customers about the future of the Ghanaian banks is gloomy. Finally, the study provided new insights into the importance of customer perception and attitude in the profitability of the banks and the impact that risky banking activities have on the economic lives of consumers and the Ghanaian economy.