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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM)-related disciplines are critical to the future success of the State of Ohio and the nation. Many employers in Ohio cannot find the STEMM talent they need to stay competitive and grow in the global marketplace. Even during the most recent economic downturn, STEMM skills have remained in high demand – for the STEMM workforce there are 2.3 jobs for every unemployed person; for the non- STEMM workforce there are 3.9 unemployed people for every job. The primary objectives of the Choose Ohio First (COF) scholarship program are to support increased participation and retention of students majoring in STEMM and STEMM education fields and in so doing to advance the economic growth of each region of the state. COF has become the state’s premier model for recruit-ing and retaining talented students in STEMM and STEMM education fields. The COF scholarship program ensures that an increased number of students enter the STEMM teaching profession and graduate from some of the most innovative programs that the state has to offer.

Franklin University is The University of Opportunity, as stated in the University’s mission. We strive to provide “high quality, relevant education enabling the broadest possible community of learners to achieve their goals and enrich the world”. Additionally, a primary University strategic goal in our recently updated strategic plan is to “expand student access to education by developing new educational partnerships”. The Choose Ohio First (COF) program complements our mission and strategic vision as it extends our students’ access to the University’s educational opportunities through the financial, co-curricular, and professional development aspects of the program.

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Choose Ohio First: Franklin University Does Its Part for an Important Ohio Educational Program