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Making Creativity Visible was a three-year investigation into creativity in learning, led by the Columbus Museum of Art in collaboration with area teachers, and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The museum- and school-based educators of the Making Creativity Visible initiative co-investigated “What does creativity look, sound, and feel like throughout the learning process?” and “How can creativity be modeled, fostered, and assessed in PreK-12 environments?” Summative evaluation showed that teachers who participated in MCV workshops or more sustained collaboration through MCV clearly articulated a range of dominant impacts, including increased ability to foster creativity and identify it, changed attitudes about the role of creativity in learning, increased ability to communicate about and interest in advocating for creativity. This audience also reported their involvement in MCV trainings having a positive impact on their students’ ownership of their own learning, ability to recognize their own learning when it is happening, deeper engagement and motivation, comfort with ambiguity, and ability to collaborate, take risks, and persevere. While summative data show greater impacts for teachers who participated in more MCV workshops, data show a positive impact even on the PreK-12 teacher audience who participated in no MCV trainings, but used tools from the distributed resource kit within a two-month period.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Catalyzing Creativity in Learning: ​Making Creativity Visible



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