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In this research paper, two questions are answered. The first question is "Should universities invest in the preparation of an IoT forensics curriculum?". The second question is "If the IoT forensics curriculum is worth investing in, what are the basic building steps in the development of an loT forensics curriculum?". To answer those questions, the authors conducted a comprehensive literature review spanning academia, the private sector, and non-profit organizations. The authors also performed semi-structured interviews with two experts from academia and the private sector. The results showed that because of the proliferation of IoT technology and the increasing number of attacks against loT devices, developing loT forensics curriculum should be considered by the universities. It is worth mentioning that loT forensics can be one of the main driving factors for securing IoT devices. However, because of the peculiarity and novelty of the domain, and the challenges of IoT forensics, it is difficult to prepare a course-centric curriculum at the very first step. Rather than doing this, universities can collaborate with various stakeholders from the private sector and government agencies to spot and study in real-world cases and let these cases build and evolve an IoT forensics curriculum.


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Annual ADFSL Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law



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