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The era of Internet of Things (IoT) being a combination of various networking and computing technologies already in a state of growth that introduces a new age of data aggregation mechanism and ubiquitous connectivity among physical objects. However, the most of the cyber threats still remain unsolved and may create huge impact on our lives. One of the possible major changes in impact landscape is the imminent physical results of cyber threats as IoT technologies enable closer interactions between humans and information systems. Although the cyber threats to critical infrastructures have been highly considered by the cyber security community, the cases with catastrophic physical impacts are rare which means the impact posture has not exactly shifted from information centric impacts to physical ones. However, widespread usage of IoT technologies have the potential to accelerate this shift which may bring the threat of cyber terrorism into the picture. This paper provides a preliminary comparison of a typical IoT application in health area with an industrial control system (ICS) in order to show that IoT applications are required to be deeply assessed as terrorists may attack them with easy-to implement cyberattacks for the purpose of creating physical harm.


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