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Research in instructional design and educational technology journals typically focuses on the theories, technologies, and processes related to practice of instructional design. There is little research emphasis, however, on leadership and management of instructional design in higher education. Investigating the competencies associated with effective leadership and management of instructional design is critical as it would provide the field with guidance on how to more effectively prepare and train instructional design leaders and managers in higher education. In this study, we explored the competencies required for an instructional design manager to be effective in higher education settings. We used a Delphi study surveying managers and leaders of instructional design through an anonymous consensus-building process consisting of two rounds of surveys. Results identified eight major categories with 64 competencies as relevant for leading and managing instructional design in higher education. Managers and leaders surveyed identified communication, project management, and visioning and strategic alignment as integral competencies to be successful in leading and managing instructional design. We discuss the implications of this research and provide recommendations for research, practice, and education of future instructional design professionals.


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