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With increased globalization, more colleges and universities are establishing faculty exchanges, study abroad programs, collaborative research efforts, and technical assistance programs with counterparts overseas resulting in enhanced faculty development, increased learning for students, revenue generation and prestige for the partnering institutions. For faculty, the opportunity to teach abroad can be a fulfilling and career enhancing experience. However, if faculty are inadequately prepared and supported, valuable time and resources are wasted, student learning is impacted, and the image of the institution and faculty member may suffer. The purpose of this research was to determine how faculty and their home institutions can ensure those teaching abroad are not just ‘okay,’ but great experiences for all involved. To study this problem, faculty with international teaching experience and overseas country coordinators were surveyed and a literature review was conducted. Data were compiled to identify actions which can be taken to ensure greater success in overseas assignments. The researcher will share results exploring why educational institutions are expanding operations overseas, the benefits faculty can derive from teaching abroad, the negative impact of failing to adequately prepare for overseas assignments, and actions which can be taken to ensure adequate preparation.


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