The Election Results and Criminal Justice Reform: Have We Reached an Impasse? Where Do We Go From Here?

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With the recent election of Donald Trump “the Law and Order Candidate” as President of the United Sates, it is safe to say that reform of the U.S. criminal justice system has reached a critical crossroads. While several reform efforts have been implemented by President Barack Obama including the “ban the box” initiative, the release of several nonviolent federal drug offenders, the end of solitary confinement for juvenile offenders, and a mandate urging federal prosecutors to focus on high-level drug dealers, it is unclear whether the new Administration will issue several executive orders to reverse the aforementioned reform efforts. What is clear however, is that the rhetoric expressed by President-elect Trump throughout his campaign (e.g. strict restrictions on illegal immigration, a crackdown on national security, and support of stop-and-frisk policies) suggests the new administration will embrace a more punitive rather than rehabilitative stance for the criminal justice system.


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