Overcoming Writing Challenges in Bilingual Nursing Students: A Funds of Knowledge Collaboration with Pre-Service Education Students

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Background: Increasing workforce diversity, particularly in the growing Hispanic/Latino population is a priority in nursing. Reading comprehension and scholarly writing is the most notable challenge students’ and nursing faculty face when English is a second language (ESL). Methods: To address the linguistic development of Hispanic/Latina nursing students, a bilingual student trained in ESL methods in the College of Education teacher preparation program provided tutoring support in the area of academic writing. Results: Eleven students sought assistance for course papers and assignments for a total of 81 hours over the academic year. In addition to improved academic work, the tutor was able to provide social and cultural empathy given her own experiences as a bilingual student. Conclusions: Drawing on the institutional funds of knowledge theory, we were able to provide academic support grounded in shared cultural and linguistic experiences between nursing students and a bilingual tutor, while also using the expertise emphasized in a teacher preparation program.


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