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Like many libraries, the Franklin University Library needs to track information about electronic resources. Although the acquisitions librarian and systems librarian primarily use and maintain this information, other library staff may need to access it. Therefore, the library needs an electronic resource information tracking system which multiple librarians can access and edit.

The library initially used an Excel spreadsheet to track electronic resource information, but found the spreadsheet cumbersome and difficult to use. Next, the library created an Access database, but syncing issues resulted in conflicting databases and the potential for lost information.

These issues led the library to investigate other options. After reviewing standalone Electronic Resources Management (ERM) programs, the library decided to create a system to track its electronic resources information using a non-ERM program it already subscribed to: Springshare’s LibInsight.

The library decided to use LibInsight for tracking eresource information due to concerns over cost, as well as the ability to create a custom LibInsight dataset to track the specific electronic resource information the library wanted. Since the library’s staff already have LibInsight accounts, any staff member can view and edit information in LibInsight. After deciding to use LibInsight, library staff determined what categories of information to track and uploaded its eresource information. LibInsight lets the library update records when necessary.

While using LibInsight for eresource information storage causes some issues since LibInsight is designed for data analysis rather than tracking electronic resource information, the LibInsight electronic resources information dataset works better for this purpose than the Excel spreadsheet or Access database the library previously used. As a result, the library decided to use LibInsight to track this information.


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